Causes And Fixes For Hazy Commercial Windows

14 December 2020
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Hazy windows block natural light from your business. They also look bad, which can affect your customer's impression of you. Causes While aging can lead to hazing, generally some type of damage causes the issue. Knowing the cause can help you avoid it in the future. Weathering On exposed windows, weathering is a common culprit for hazed glass. Hail and sleet, for example, may not break glass but they can etch the surface. Read More …

3 Reasons To Consider Investing In Window Tinting Services

14 October 2020
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Window tinting is very common and has been a popular trend for quite a while. There are many benefits you can get from tinted windows on commercial buildings. Window tinting films fall into four basic types. Dyed tinting film is the cheapest, and it wears out a lot over time. Metalized window tint is made of tiny glass particles that reflect the light away from your building. Carbon film is non-metallic and has various applications. Read More …

3 Residential Window System Issues That Can Be Remedied With Window Repair

4 August 2020
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Nearly every portion of a home will require repairs or replacements at some point. The best protection against expensive repairs and premature replacements is to ensure that you get home maintenance services performed as recommended by professionals. However, even with the best maintenance practices in place, it is possible for homeowners to experience unexpected damages due to accidents or acts of nature.  The window systems of homes are prone to damages. Read More …

Differences Between Commercial Door Hardware And Residential Door Hardware

23 July 2020
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You might assume that the hardware that is used on doors is pretty much the same whether you are purchasing hardware for commercial or residential doors. However, there are actually some differences between the two types of door hardware, so you'll want to make sure that you are shopping for the appropriate type of hardware, depending on the type of door that you are buying hardware for. These are some of the differences that you will probably notice between commercial door hardware and residential door hardware. Read More …

Adding Window Film For Safety And Energy Efficiency

15 July 2020
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Commercial window film is used for several purposes and may be a good idea for the glass on your building. The benefits of commercial window film may not be something you have considered, but when installed right, it can provide some things that can benefit your company for years to come. Energy Efficiency One of the primary uses for commercial window films is to block the UV rays that come in the gas during the day. Read More …

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