Adding Window Film For Safety And Energy Efficiency

Adding Window Film For Safety And Energy Efficiency

15 July 2020
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Commercial window film is used for several purposes and may be a good idea for the glass on your building. The benefits of commercial window film may not be something you have considered, but when installed right, it can provide some things that can benefit your company for years to come.

Energy Efficiency

One of the primary uses for commercial window films is to block the UV rays that come in the gas during the day. If your building has a lot of glass, the sun's heat shining through the glass can significantly raise the temperature inside the building. 

When the temperature inside climbs, it costs more to cool the building and keep it comfortable for visitors and employees. Applying a UV blocking commercial window film to the outside of the building is an excellent way to reduce the amount of ultraviolet light coming in and raise the building's interior temperature. Choosing a film that is tinted can reduce the light in the building, but there are also films that have a minimal tint to them. 

Building Privacy

You may want to consider a film that is mirrored on the outside and will prevent people from looking into the building from the outside. This is helpful if you have a business that provides services on the ground level that need privacy, like a doctor's office or a clinic. 

If privacy is a concern, having a commercial window film installed on the glass allows you to have plenty of light in the room, but without the worry of prying eyes looking in. While window blinds can block the view, they do not let light in and can make the room darker and harder to work in. 

Safety and Glass Integrity

Applying a commercial window film to the outside of the windows in your building can increase the durability of the glass. If the window does break, the film can hold the pieces In place, avoiding injury to anyone around the window when the damage occurs. In this application, the film can be completely clear and leave the glass unaffected in terms of being able to see out of the window. 

This can be helpful for windows in the upper floors of a building were a broken window could fall out of the frame and hit someone below. The film retaining the glass helps keep the glass in place until you can get a window replacement service out to deal with it. 

If you want a little more privacy, safety, and energy efficiency in your commercial building, click here for info on commercial window film. 

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