Differences Between Commercial Door Hardware And Residential Door Hardware

Differences Between Commercial Door Hardware And Residential Door Hardware

23 July 2020
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You might assume that the hardware that is used on doors is pretty much the same whether you are purchasing hardware for commercial or residential doors. However, there are actually some differences between the two types of door hardware, so you'll want to make sure that you are shopping for the appropriate type of hardware, depending on the type of door that you are buying hardware for. These are some of the differences that you will probably notice between commercial door hardware and residential door hardware.

It Fits On Commercial-Sized Doors

Naturally, both residential and commercial doors come in a variety of sizes. However, in many cases, commercial doors are bigger and wider than residential doors. Therefore, it might actually be difficult for you to find residential door hardware that will fit on the average commercial door. Commercial door hardware, on the other hand, is typically made to fit standard commercial door sizes, so you shouldn't have to worry about not getting a proper fit.

It Meets Certain Regulations

When it comes to commercial construction and commercial renovations, there are a lot of building codes and regulations that have to be followed. Of course, there are building codes that have to be followed with residential construction, too, but regulations aren't usually as strict.

Commercial doors often have to be a certain width, for example, and there are other rules that have to be followed so that the building will be considered to be fire safe and accessible for those who might have various disabilities. For example, commercial doors might be required to have panic bars, making it easier for people to exit the building in the event of a fire or other emergency. In some places, doors are required to have special hardware that makes it easier for someone who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid to get in and out of the building.

When you look at residential door hardware, you might not really find a lot of panic bars or devices that are used for accessibility-related purposes. However, when you purchase commercial door hardware, you will probably find that there are tons of these types of hardware for you to choose from.

It's More Durable

One of the primary differences between commercial and residential door hardware is that commercial door hardware is typically a lot more durable. After all, commercial doors often get a lot more use, so it's important to ensure that door hardware can hold up well against all of this use.

To learn more, contact a commercial door hardware supplier.

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