Three Signs Your Windshield Might Need Repairs You Don't Expect

Three Signs Your Windshield Might Need Repairs You Don't Expect

11 October 2022
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Owning a car can sometimes feel like a constant battle against wear and tear that you can never truly win. While some of the bigger problems are very obvious and can be fixed quite simply, such as damaged panels or a broken engine, there are also more subtle issues that require immediate attention but can be hard to spot. Your windshield might seem like it would display any problems quite visibly, but that is not always the case. Here are three signs that your windshield needs repairs that you might not recognize if you aren't explicitly looking for them.  

Displaced Seal

The rubber seal around your windshield is not just there to provide a nice border, it is vital in ensuring your windshield remains in place. Without it, windshields can and do come loose in a way that is very dangerous. Look at the seal and check to make sure it isn't cracking or falling apart in places. If it is, then do not ignore it, take it to a windshield repair contractor immediately and if it is bad enough, you may want to have a tow truck come and take you there so you do not risk it breaking during the trip.

Cracking Along The Edges

When people think about their windshields cracking, they probably are more inclined to believe that it would be a big, jarring schism that would divide their windshield in two and be very obvious. This is not the case, as most windshield cracks form along the edges of the windshield that are connected to the frame. They crack because of the force the car exerts on them, so large bumps and big potholes can cause them to crack slightly over time. These edges are often darkened by a window tint in many cars, so cracks can be hard to spot, but you do need to regularly look for them. 

Windshield Pitting

If you have ever noticed tiny little spots on your windshield that seem to accumulate over time but cannot be washed away, then don't worry, you aren't imagining things. This is what is known as windshield pitting and is caused by tiny flecks of dirt or debris hitting your windshield and imprinting on it. It is not a crack or a chip, but it is something that can weaken your windshield over time, and if your case is quite bad then you might need to consider windshield repair sooner rather than later. 

Contact a local windshield repair service to learn more. 

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