3 Tips To Improve The Lifespan Of Your Commercial Glass Windows

3 Tips To Improve The Lifespan Of Your Commercial Glass Windows

16 June 2022
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Regular commercial glass window breakages might make you wonder what you can do to increase the service life of your glass windows. Discover how to take care of your commercial glass windows below.

1. Encourage Regular Inspections

Cleaning your commercial windows allows for surface glass damage inspections. This inspection enables you to address minor issues before escalation.

Also, organize periodic inspections of your commercial windows by a commercial glass installation professional. While washing identifies surface glass issues, professional maintenance undertakes an in-depth inspection.

For example, professional commercial glass experts undertake:

  • Air
  • Water intrusion tests
  • Safety checks
  • Compliance inspections

These tests ensure the safe operation of your commercial glass windows. In addition, this move increases the lifespan of your commercial windows by ensuring they are in their best working condition.

2. Have Knowledge of Factors Affecting Commercial Glass

Sometimes you experience extreme weather conditions such as wind, low temperatures, and storms. In such a case, you should have window glass repair services on standby. This is because the weather is unpredictable, and you may face broken glass window panes. You must repair such window panes to prevent further damage.

Take precautions by fortifying the glass in areas most vulnerable to harsh weather elements. For example, have commercial glass installation experts install impact-resistant glass in entry doors and windows. This move cuts the damage costs from extreme weather.

Your building may have different types of glass to serve the needs of various rooms. Thus, you should know where to use each commercial glass type. For example, use privacy glasses in private commercial spaces and lighting glass in your general office area.

The above provisions improve the lifespan of your commercial glass. In addition, you will use the best glass type for each application and enhance the resistance of glass to breakage in susceptible areas.

3. Find Out Whether You Need Commercial Glass Repair or Replacement Services

A chip or scratch on your commercial glass can get repaired if detected early. However, it is not always the most viable solution depending on the condition of the glass. Sometimes, your windows need replacement to protect your commercial glass's integrity.

Knowing when to replace or repair commercial glass improves the lifespan. This is because you avoid glass failures due to improper glass maintenance. A certified commercial glass installation and repair company handles this task.


Commercial window maintenance is essential to improve the lifespan of commercial glass. In addition, proper care preserves the commercial windows' structure and promotes efficient operation. Lastly, always contact a professional commercial glass installation and repair company for quality installation and repair services. 

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