What Do You Know About Vehicle Glass? 4 Types Of Car Glass And Their Uses

What Do You Know About Vehicle Glass? 4 Types Of Car Glass And Their Uses

22 November 2021
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There are many varieties of vehicle glass in today's market. Every new car model brings new glass technology to the market. While the glass types may vary in one way or another, they all strive to ensure optimal safety of the vehicle occupants. Furthermore, good auto glass upholds the safety and functionality of the vehicle.

When replacing your damaged auto glass, you should consider the glass type and choose one that best meets your needs. But, first, take a look at the different types of auto glass.

The Front Windshield 

The front windshield is the largest piece of glass that you will find on your vehicle. It protects you and your passengers from the oncoming debris from the road. It also holds the vehicle's frame in position and ensures that it remains intact in case of a collision. Therefore, replacing a broken windshield in time is crucial, owing to the essential role of this vehicle component. 

The Sunroof

A sunroof is more of a luxury than a necessity on your car. You can open the roof to allow the vehicle to ventilate and let natural light into the vehicle. Though sunroofs are more prone to scratches, they are typically very sturdy.

That's because manufacturers use extremely tough glass to produce them. As such, the sunroof only breaks from heavy impact. Some vehicles also have a moon roof and other specialty roofs that you can open and close when you need to.

The Front Vent and Door Windows

The side vent window is probably the most utilized part of the vehicle. People roll them up and down several times to get a better view of the outside and allow fresh air into the car's interior. Over the years, front vent and door glass have evolved, and modern varieties are usually scratch-resistant. You might want to get gorilla glass when looking for the ideal glass replacement for your car doors.

The Rear Windshield

The rear windshield is similar to the front windshield. However, it may also have an embedded antenna, a wiper unit, and defrosting wires. Pickups and trucks usually have a rear slider window that opens and closes to allow the driver to use the rear storage compartment easily. The glass used to make the rear windshield is laminated, just like the front windshield.

Each type of car window discussed above is vital. Therefore, you ought to fix any issue on the glass immediately when it appears. Visiting a local auto glass repair shop in time prevents costlier damages and potential accidents.

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