4 Ways To Determine If Your Windshield Is Repairable

4 Ways To Determine If Your Windshield Is Repairable

14 July 2021
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The windshield offers structural support to your vehicle and stands up to the stress when speeding on the highway. However, there are instances when debris falls on them, resulting in cracks and chips. The moment such damage happens, consider seeking windshield specialty services before your windshield is compromised. Depending on the location, depth, and size of the damage, an auto glass repair specialist can advise whether there is a need for repair. Here are a few factors that can help you decide. 

1. Has a large area been damaged?

When a foreign object only causes damage to the top glass layer of your windshield, it results in a chip pit (a pothole appearance) that doesn't impact your line of vision. Remember that a windshield repair specialist can quickly fix it if such a crack is three inches long. In addition, timely repair of such damage is necessary because the damage can worsen, resulting in replacement if you happen to travel in uneven terrain or experience extreme weather conditions like hailstorms. 

2. Where is the damage located?

The location of your windshield damage determines whether or not it needs repair or replacement. If the damage distorts your line of sight, then an auto glass repair professional will not perform repair because it can impair your view of the road. Additionally, it's advisable not to consider repairs if there's a crack at the corner of your windshield. Such damage compromises the structural integrity of your windshield, meaning that it can easily break in case of an impact. However, it would be best if you talked to an auto glass repair expert to give you professional advice on whether to repair or replace your damaged windshield. 

3. What is the nature of the damage?

If there's minimal damage on your windshield, particularly fewer than three cracks or chips, a windshield repair specialist can easily make repairs. However, your windshield's structural integrity is affected in case of severe damage, and it's highly likely to shutter. That's why it's best to consider a windshield replacement than repair.

4. How severe is the damage?

Every vehicle's windshield features two layers: an outer layer designed from plastic and an inner layer made of glass. Therefore, if your windshield cracks have penetrated past the plastic coating to the inner layer, there's no need for repair. It would be best if you considered seeking an auto glass repair specialist to help you replace your windshield.

You should carefully evaluate the few factors highlighted in this guide before deciding to carry on with repairs. In addition, it's crucial that you consult an auto glass repair professional to help you determine whether your windshield is repairable. 

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