Can You Leave a Tiny Crack in Your Windshield?

Can You Leave a Tiny Crack in Your Windshield?

13 July 2020
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If a rock strikes your windshield and leaves a tiny crack in it, you may think it's safe to continue driving your car. Although it's reasonably safe to drive your car right now, you probably want to fix the crack in your windshield right away. If the crack widens or splinters your windshield glass, it could be dangerous later. Learn what you can do about your cracked windshield below. 

Keep Water and Chemicals off Your Windshield

Take a closer look at the crack in your windshield. If there's a tiny hole in the center of the crack, avoid placing water, windshield wiper fluid, or another substance on the glass. Fluid may penetrate the hole and slowly expand the crack.

If you can leave your car in the garage or avoid driving it for now, try to do so. Road debris, such as dirt and dust, can enter the windshield crack and damage it further. Debris may cloud the glass and make driving unsafe or difficult. You want to avoid using your air conditioning system during this time as well. As with dirt, cold air can enter the crack and reduce visibility through your windshield glass.

If you have no choice but to drive your vehicle, cover the crack with a thin piece of clear tape. Contact a windshield repair company and schedule an appointment.

Make a Note to Repair Your Windshield

Many windshield repair companies offer same-day emergency services. If you contact a provider and they offer same-day repairs, go ahead and do so. Some windshield repair companies will come to you when requested. These companies offer mobile windshield repair services. If the crack in your windshield suddenly widens or expands, tell a repair company immediately. 

You can also choose to take your vehicle to a repair technician. Once you arrive at a shop, a technician will inspect the glass. If the crack hasn't spread, a technician may patch your windshield. The patch will keep the crack from traveling through the glass.

If the crack is close to the edge of your windshield or larger than you initially suspected, a technician may replace the entire glass. Some types of windshield cracks can be too dangerous to repair or patch. The windshield may collapse under compact, heavy rain, or another hazardous condition. If your windshield collapses on the road, it could endanger you and other drivers around you.

Don't leave the tiny crack in your windshield. Contact a windshield or auto glass repair company for help today.

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